Youth Training & Employment

Ballater Job Club is open to the public 1:30pm – 4pm every third Tuesday of the month at the Beaton Craigie Room.

Ballater Job Club
Ballater Job Club

This idea came from Phil Swann in March 2018 who suggested we look to encouraging our youth to look at a career, thus we conducted a survey at the cost of £1600 of both employers and employed. The findings were reported in November 2018 and identified the gap between the two parties, but paved the way to creating a possible JOB CLUB.

In January 2019 the meeting identified the need to create a Job Club, and Ewen Allardyce from Aberdeenshire Employment Support Team offered to broker a discussion with the employers and interested parties to show how his department could help in its creation.

BRD took that offer to BBA, who have been asked about offering up dates to invite Ewen Allardyce to one of their meetings, BBA asked that the meeting ONLY takes place once they have concluded their internal review to meeting attendance and establishing membership needs, this has now been actioned and they have now offered up dates.

We in turn have now asked that Ewen Allardyce agrees a date and submits some key words to enable BBA to sell the night to possible attendees.

Here is the Ballater Youth Training & Employment Report from November 2018.