Car Parks

The village is in need of both additional car parking and bus parking as the present car park on Church Square is often filled with motor homes and cars parking on the BUS ONLY stand, this could potentially mean that buses continue through to Braemar without disembarking.

We have identified a site behind the Station accessed from Provost Craig Road, that could be extended and offer a one –way access from Station Square, this latter option would add a safety factor as cars often find themselves having to either attempt three point turns in a restricted area or reverse out onto Braemar Road (a blind hill).

With the Cruise Ship arrival in Aberdeen from 2020, the potential for increases in the arrival of buses means we have to identify a BUS ONLY holding Park and retain a disembarkation/embarkation area on Church Square.

We have agreed to join with B&CCC, Aberdeenshire Council (Marr Area) and our local councillor to review the way forward on both of these projects, both will require funding as well as planning approval.