Ballater Hardship Fund

We are well over the £30,000 mark on funds raised with Gordon Riddler having just completed his EVEREST climb equivalent of 29,029ft up Craigendarroch and had raised at last count £1000 to add to the fund (photograph taken – note photographer & Gordon maintained the 2m rule).

The fund is targeting the many part time and minimum hours employees in the area between Crathie & Dinnet by offering them Coop Credit cards to allow people to cover food & essentials along with electricity but give them the security of anonymity as we live in a close community. The recipients can return to their nominated FACE, who becomes like a Buddy and not only supplies the card but keeps contact to ensure on their mental wellbeing.

The donations have come from far and wide with many asking for no acknowledgement and for that we are so pleased, some of the contacts are well known to the organisers but we do have the odd ones that have taken a little while to track down. and one “S. BARROW”, has totally mystified us so a BIG THANK YOU from the Ballater Community.